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Birth Injury Cases

Becoming a parent

birth-injuryThere are few things in life that are as thrilling as having a child. Will he have your eyes? Will she be born with a head full of hair? Tragically, this exhilarating experience can become a nightmare if something happens to your baby during childbirth. You entrust the birth of your child to a doctor with the expectation that the doctor’s expertise will keep your baby safe, but if your doctor makes an error, the results can be dire.
Birth injuries

Misjudgments and medical mistakes during childbirth can cause lifelong injury to the mother of the unborn baby. Examples of serious preventable health risks to the child include the development of Erb’s and Cerebral Palsies. Sometimes nerve and/or brain damage can occur. Although rare, these conditions (and other injuries) can happen if your doctor:

  • Overlooks airway constrictions resulting from the umbilical cord
  • Delays the transition out of the birthing canal, restricting airflow
  • Fails to correctly use birthing tools such as forceps
  • Ignores changes to the mother’s physical state
  • Refuses to utilize a cesarean section when it is medically necessary

Not all birth injuries are evident immediately. Children with nerve or brain trouble may not show signs of damage until they begin to grow up. Warning signs of such damage include shrill cries, abnormal rigidity, excessive sleeping, and problems swallowing.

The future

It can be very traumatic when injuries are sustained by a baby during childbirth. There are support groups and other resources available to parents who endure such a tragedy. They cannot make up for the heartache you feel, but they can help you as you move forward.

Even with that support, however, you are likely to have hardships. Certain injuries endured in childbirth can require expensive treatment and care. Cerebral palsy, for instance, can demand nearly a million dollars in healthcare costs over the course of a lifetime. Those costs are in addition to the estimated $250,000 it cost to raise a healthy child.

Seeking help

Your doctor is one person who you should be able to trust, but even doctors are imperfect. If you think that you or your child suffered an injury during childbirth due to your doctor’s negligence, then you are entitled to financial compensation that can cover medical costs as well as pain and suffering.

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