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Commercial Vehicle Accidents Boca Raton Attorney

Who is going to stand by your side?

commercial-vehicle-accidentsAlthough the damage to your car, your body, and your finances may all appear the same, a car accident involving a commercial vehicle is not the same as a regular car accident with another driver. The reason is that commercial vehicles are required to carry special insurance policies and insurers are prepared to battle in court to keep from paying out on them.

Boca Raton’s Best Commercial Vehicle Attorneys

No insurance company wants to pay damages because it cuts directly into their profits. For commercial insurance policies, which tend to have better coverage than personal policies, paying out on a claim can mean writing a pretty hefty check. An insurance company’s legal team is prepared to go to court in order to prevent that.

The attorneys at Glick Law Firm, PA have experience dealing with insurance companies – and the insurance companies know it. We will establish the driver’s liability and extract maximum value from the insurance company to pay for your damages. Our reputation as hard-hitting trial lawyers sometimes intimidates the insurance company out of going to trial at all.

Whether we have to fight it out in court or can settle with the insurance company without a trial, we’ll get you the money you deserve.

Protecting your interests from beginning to end

Glick Law Firm, PA puts you as our primary responsibility. From the moment you call until the time you receive your compensatory check, we will be right there with you. We have lots of experience representing clients in commercial vehicle accident cases. It does not matter whether you were hit while driving a vehicle, riding a bike, or walking on foot. If a commercial driver’s negligence caused you physical harm, you are likely entitled to compensation.
You deserve compensation for your medical bills, for damage to your vehicle, for lost wages, and for pain and suffering. We will get it for you.
If you want to discuss your case with Boca Raton’s best commercial vehicle accident attorneys, call us now at 866-TRIALAW.

Evaluating your case

We can usually determine over the phone whether your case is worth pursuing. You likely have a good case if you were injured by a negligent driver operating:

  • A cargo van
  • A delivery vehicle
  • A garbage truck
  • A construction vehicle, or
  • Any other type of business automobile.

To strengthen our case, our attorneys normal consult with a variety of experts, including those with knowledge in medicine, financial planning, and accident reconstruction. Together, we can prove liability, figure out what you’ll need to restore order to your life, and obtain it in court.