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Comparative Fault in Boca Raton Slip & Fall Cases

A common case type in Premises Liability law is a “slip & fall” also known as a “slip, trip & fall.” At first glance, these may seem like minor cases dealing with bruises, sprains or possible a broken bone. Slip Fall cases can be much more serious resulting in traumatic brain injury (TBI), serious back and joint injury, or even paralysis. Especially considering the number of retired residents in Boca Raton and Florida, a simple fall can lead to complications that seriously threaten a victim’s quality of life. At Glick Law Firm, PA, we don’t take any injury case lightly, including slip and fall.

8501697_ml-300x289Slip and fall injuries occur when someone is hurt on another person’s premises because of negligence by the owner. There are basically two types of conditions that are considered in a lawsuit. A permanent hazardous condition is a is one caused by a fixture of the property owner such as an uneven walkway or defective stair tread. These will most likely be considered negligence by the owner as they would have prior knowledge and failed to fix the danger. A temporary hazardous condition, on the other hand, such as ice or water which causes a dangerous situation, could be unnoticed by a property owner.

Another factor in slip and fall cases is known as comparative fault. This means that blame is shared for the injury and the potential award for compensation may be decreased in proportion to the victims share of the fault. An example of comparative fault would be if a slip happened while you were texting and then slipped on a surface clearly marked as wet or icy. In this case, you may have contributed to the accident yourself. Since you are expected to maintain a certain degree of care yourself, you may be found partially to blame in these instances.

Premises liability cases require you to show liability. Proving who is at fault in these cases can be difficult and it is best if you consult an experienced Boca Raton slip fall lawyer right away for a professional assessment of your injuries and the validity of filing a personal injury claim. Glick Law Firm, PA, has been helping Florida victims of slip and fall for decades. Schedule a free consultation with us right away for help in your recovery.