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Glick Law Firm, PA : The Boca Raton Attorney for Defective Product Injuries

defective-product-injuriesCompanies that produce and/or sell products have a legal responsibility to ensure that the products aren’t dangerous to the consumer. Sometimes, they do not uphold their responsibility and the result is the creation of products which can be harmful to the public.

When someone is injured while using that product, they may legally bring suit against the company responsible. However, filing a claim against the producer is not as easy as it may seem.In order to make a compelling case, you will likely need the assistance of engineers and/or medical experts. With their assistance, you will need to investigate the product, the process by which it was created, and other important facts.

Fortunately, Glick Law Firm, PA is prepared to help. Equipped with a team of experts to help investigate your claim and build your case, our attorneys understand how to argue a defective product injuries case in court. If you or a loved one were injured or killed by a defective product, you are likely entitled to financial compensation. Call us today at 866-TRIALAW to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

When you have a case

There are as many potential defective product cases as there are products being created. You can be injured by improperly built kitchenware, toys, electronics, vehicles, and medicine, among a long list of other products.
Our firm, led by Board Certified civil trial law attorney Brian J. Glick, has experience litigating product liability cases. We know how to handle your case. We will seek compensation for all of your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our product liability practice covers:

  • Drug recalls
  • Defects resulting from design or manufacturing errors
  • Car rollovers
  • Product liability

You may have a case if you were using a product correctly, but were injured nonetheless. If you were informed of potential risks (such as with a medication), accepted them, and then saw those risks come to fruition, your case might be more difficult. But no matter what type of product was responsible for your injury, we’re here to help.

Our specialty: Manufacturing & Design Defects

The teams that design and manufacture products are responsible for the safety of those customers who use the product as directed. This responsibility is referred to as product liability. One of the most common breaches of product liability occurs when the product is sold with a defect that endangers customers.
Our team at Glick Law Firm, PA is particularly familiar with these sorts of cases. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed because of defects resulting from a product’s manufacturing or design, you need to contact us today. Send us a message on our website, or call us at 866-TRIALAW to schedule a completely free consultation and to get answers to your questions.

Lots of products, one lawsuit

Because manufacturing processes allow for the production of hundreds or thousands of products at a time, defective products are likely to enter the marketplace in large numbers. If this occurs, the law allows the injured parties to band together and file a class action lawsuit seeking restitution. Sometimes you will see commercials on television seeking out individuals who were harmed using a particular product. That is generally because a class action lawsuit is taking place.
Glick Law Firm, PA is prepared to represent individuals or groups when it comes to manufacturing and design defect injury claims. We demand that companies take responsibility for their actions. We are unforgiving when their negligence allows harmful products to enter the marketplace.

Who is liable?

In a manufacturing or design defect case, everyone in the design-manufacturing-distribution-retail chain is vulnerable to a lawsuit. Determining which particular party against whom you should bring suit depends on the nature of your specific case. For instance, if a product’s design is safe, but the manufacturer assembled it wrong, then the manufacturer is liable. If a pharmaceutical company creates the right pill, but the pharmacy gives you the wrong one, then the pharmacy is liable. A good attorney can help you navigate the complicated area of liability.

Free unless you win

We are so certain of our ability to get you justice that we won’t charge you a single cent for our services unless you receive a favorable ruling in court or an out-of-court settlement. That means we don’t get paid unless you do!
Contact us today with the details of your case. We’re waiting for your call at 866-TRIALAW.