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Boca Raton Insurance Claims Attorney

Understand your arrangement

insurance-claims-bad-faithEvery time that you sign an insurance policy, you are entering into a legally binding contract. Most people do not thoroughly understand the implications of their contract. They have some fuzzy idea of what the insurance company will do for them under certain circumstances, but they don’t know for sure. Often, they are surprised and angry when an insurer does not behave in the manner they expected.

Sometimes this is a result of their ignorance. Other times it is a result of the insurer breaching contract.

“Bad faith” and dishonest insurers

When you purchase an insurance policy, you expect to be treated fairly. Unfortunately, you may not always have a good experience. Sometimes an insurance company will deny a completely legitimate claim. Sometimes they will drag their feet and only approve the claim (and make the subsequent payment) after far too much time has passed. When this happens, it becomes apparent that the insurer extended the claim in “bad faith.” That is, they went back on their word to treat you properly.

When an insurance company fails to uphold their end of the bargain, you have the right to file a legal claim against them for financial compensation.

The Boca Raton Insurance Claim Lawyers

Glick Law Firm, PA is entirely comfortable dealing with insurance companies. In spite of their big presence and expensive legal teams, we are not intimidated. The attorneys at Glick Law Firm, PA will stand toe-to-toe with any insurance company who tries to get out of their commitment to you.

We are ferocious in litigation and many insurance companies know us by our reputation. If possible, we will convince them to pay a settlement without ever stepping into the courtroom.

Don’t accept a direct settlement!

While it’s true that an out-of-court settlement is often preferred to trial, you do not want to accept a settlement from your insurance company without first speaking with an attorney. After all, this is the company who tried to stiff you when they were under contract! Do you really think that they will pay you a fair settlement if they don’t have to? No way! They want to get rid of you as cheaply as a possible.

You need a lawyer who has dealt with insurance companies before. Our attorneys know what constitutes a fair payment for your specific situation. They will account not just for past expenses, but – if relevant – also future expenses and any pain and suffering that resulted from the insurance company’s inability to act fairly. You might be nervous about speaking with a lawyer, but we really have your best interest in mind.

You have the right to be treated fairly! If your insurer is taking you for a ride, contact us today.

Call us at 866-TRIALAW or send us a message us on our website to schedule a totally free consultation to discuss your “bad faith” insurance claims attorney.