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Don’t ride into court alone

Because cyclists and motorcyclists are so exposed, serious injuries usually occur during collisions with automobiles. Riders can be thrown from their bikes, adding to their injuries.

Our attorneys take your bicycle and motorcycle accidents seriously. Victims trust us to get them the compensation due to them after an accident. That’s why we have represented so many bicycle and motorcycle accident victims and their families. When we pick up your case, you can rest assured that we will fight to protect your interests and get the compensation you need.

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Obtaining reimbursement for damages

motorcycle-and-bicyle-accidentsMotorcycle and bicycle accidents put riders at serious risks. Unlike a car or truck, pedal-powered and motor-driven bikes offer nothing in the way of protective structure. As a result, even a “fender bender” can prove disastrous for the rider. Some common injuries for victims of motorcycle and bicycle accidents include:

  • Burns (including “road rash”)
  • Broken bones
  • Severed limbs
  • Herniated discs and other back problems
  • Brain damage
  • Death

Hospitalization, physical therapy, surgery, skin grafting, and other expensive medical treatments may be required to help you heal. We will take your claim to court in order obtain compensation for your treatments. Because some injuries will require ongoing treatment, we will consult with medical and personal finance experts to determine how much money you will need to pay for treatment.
Our attorneys will also fight to obtain compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering.

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Deciding how to proceed after a motorcycle and bicycle can be frustrating and intimidating. Here at Glick Law Firm, PA, we want to help you figure out what to do. Contact us now at 866-TRIALAW or on our website to get answers to your questions and discuss your case.