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Personal Injury – 911 Calls; How They Can Help

A call to 911 following a serious accident can save your life. Emergency medical help will be notified. Police will respond. The benefits are obvious. But a call to 911 following an injury can do more than just help you in the ways that you might expect. It may also help your injury case in the long run

911 calls can reveal information that you didn’t have access to, especially if your injuries were serious or you were unable to tend the gathering of information that can be crucial directly following an auto accident or other injury situation. Names and contact information may be given. The call may also relate severity of injuries, a witnesses account of what or who might have caused an accident, and other important information.

In the case of slip and fall injuries or other premises liability cases, a 911 call may have been made by an employee or manager. The same can be said of work injuries, with calls being made by supervisors, employees, or others that may have been involved or witnessed the accident. Even the general tone of a call may help to establish the serious nature of an accident.

Requesting a 911 call or written transcript is something that should happen as soon as possible. Since you should also call a personal injury attorney immediately after an injury, contacting Glick Law Firm, PA, is a good way to ensure that 911 calls are obtained along with other evidence and information that is vital to a successful outcome. A written request must be made for a 911 call. In some cases, without following the proper steps to obtain 911 transcripts or recordings, important identifying information may be stricken from the transcript or recording. Our job is to do whatever is possible to help you collect maximum compensation. Also, in cases of calls between law enforcement officers and 911 dispatchers, you will need to contact the respective law enforcement agency.

Glick Law Firm, PA, can help victims of auto accidents, work injuries, slip and fall, and other injuries in Boca Raton and throughout the state of Florida. Contact our office to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.