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Premises Liability – Shopping Injuries & Accidents

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), the average person takes about 8000 steps a day. When you combine that with a fast moving world filled with distractions such as texting and cell phones, a slip and fall accident can happen at any time. According to the NFSI, a slip and fall accident happens about every eight seconds and 55 percent of those slips are directly caused by the floor. A common location for slip and fall and other premises liability injuries are malls, stores, and other shopping areas. As we approach the shopping season, let’s take a look at some common “shopping injuries.”

12269137_ml-300x224The second half of the calendar year is a great time for retail outlets. “Black Friday” and the holiday season have people turning out in droves to spend money. Normally, these shopping sprees might only cause injury to our wallet. Occasionally though, they can lead to injury because of the shopping environment. A lawsuit dealing with injury on another’s property is know as “premises liability.” Injuries while shopping can range from slip and fall injuries due to wet or slippery floors, poorly maintained walkways, or ice in parking areas, to injuries from overcrowding or unsafe retail displays and falling objects.

It’s the duty of a retail store to provide a safe environment for shoppers. A failure to do so can open the door for those that are hurt to file a personal injury claim. A store may be held liable under a few different theories. One theory applies if the store created the dangerous situation themselves. An example would be using a floor cleaner that increases the danger of a slip. Another area of liability would be if the store was aware of an unsafe condition but failed to do everything they could to make it safe or warn customers of possible danger. If a customer were to break a jar of liquid in a supermarket aisle and another customer then slipped and was injured, the store may be liable. However, the burden of proof is on the injured customer. The need to present viable and critical evidence is only one of the reasons to work with an experienced Florida slip and fall attorney if you have been injured in a retail store or other public area.

Premises liability cases such as slip and fall accidents can be complex. They can also provide the opportunity a victim needs to cover medical costs, treatment, loss of wages from missing work and other damages in the aftermath of an injury. Contact Glick Law Firm, PA, to speak with a Boca Raton slip fall attorney who has the knowledge and experience to guide you towards a successful outcome. The holidays should be a time to celebrate our health and happiness. If that opportunity is marred by injury, make the call that will help to get you back on track.