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Professional Liability

The Boca Raton Professional Malpractice Lawyers

Professional LiabilityCertain professionals, such as accountants, engineers, insurance agents, real estate agents, and stockbrokers, have legal obligations to behave in a certain way. If they ignore the established ethical standards of their specific profession, then they may be committing professional malpractice. Have you dealt with a professional whose unwillingness to participate within the ethical boundaries of his or her profession? If you have and suffered a loss as a result, you may be entitled to file a claim.

Professional liability can be a complex area of the law. Fortunately, we at Glick Law Firm, PA are well versed in it. If you want to file a professional malpractice claim, we will conduct a thorough investigation. Once we can prove your claim, we will fight to earn you an out-of-court settlement. If necessary, we’ll litigate in the courtroom. Rest assured that Brian J. Glick and our team of attorneys will do whatever it takes to make sure you are compensated for your damages.

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Understanding malpractice

Honest and ethical work by professionals will not always guarantee the results you are hoping for. Likewise, a bad outcome is not always indicative of professional negligence. We can help you find out the facts and determine whether or not you have a plausible case for professional malpractice.

When evaluating a claim for malpractice, we are careful to look for signs of negligence, including:

  • Errors
  • Misappropriation
  • Misrepresentation
  • Ethical breaches
  • Missed statutes of limitations

Negligence occurs when your professional ignores the standards of his field or makes errors that were avoidable for another competent professional in his field. If you were the victim of professional negligence that resulted in a loss, you are entitled to financial compensation. We are prepared to help you recover it.

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