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Boca Raton Train and Railroad Crossing Accident Attorneys

Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney Specialize in Railroad & Train Accidents Cases

Of the accidents one might expect to encounter in a lifetime, those involving trains are pretty rare. Even so, railroad and train accidents present a real threat to people and property when something does occur.
After all, trains are big, fast, and incredibly heavy. It doesn’t take very much for a moving train to cause serious damage. Injury, or even death, are likely to occur any time that a train does something unexpected, so all train accidents are dangerous matters. Some of the most common ways that a train can cause problems are by:

  • Colliding with people, property, or other trains on railways or at railway crossings
  • Coming off the rails
  • Accidentally releasing dangerous cargo (most commonly something toxic)

Any and all of these possibilities expose people to life-threatening risks.

Dealing with damage

railroad-train-accidentsTrain accidents cause any number of bodily injuries, including gruesome tragedies such as severed limbs or decapitation. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or death because of a train accident, you can probably make list many consequences of train accidents. Among them tend to be medical bills, lost wages, decreased quality of life, and pain and suffering. Physical therapy and counseling may also be added to your load.
Fortunately, the law leaves you with the opportunity to receive financial compensation for these damages. But first, you’ll have to prove in court that the party responsible for your injuries was negligent.

Proving negligence

The long process of making a train, keeping it maintained, and traveling on the rails leaves lots of potentially negligent parties. In order to receive the compensation that you need, you’ll have to find the one or more responsible parties. Many times, those parties will include:

  • The conductor of the train
  • The company managing the train
  • The company that built the train

Sometimes, other parties such as the driver of a third party automobile may be responsible. The plain fact, however, is that negligence can be hard to prove, especially in a case with so many pieces. You’ll need someone on your side.
Glick Law Firm, PA has skilled and experienced attorneys who have the resources necessary to thoroughly investigate a train accident claim. Schedule a free consultation with one of them today by calling 866-TRIALAW.

Railroad disasters

Thankfully, bona fide railroad disasters are rare. It’s true, however, that their rarity makes them increasingly difficult to navigate for injured parties. Unlike car accidents, which frequency makes straightforward, railroad disasters are a real nightmare. What’s even worse is that they can become nightmares for dozens or even hundreds of people and their families at a time.
Our team of attorneys at Glick Law Firm, PA is committed to looking out for the best interests of our clients. Therefore, we are familiar even with unlikely cases such as those that can arise from railroad disasters. If you or a loved one were hurt or killed in a railroad tragedy, take comfort in knowing that we will stand by your side in court. Our experts know the safety laws and best practices for trains, the railroads, and the railroad companies. They will help us develop your case, identify areas of negligence, and pursue a financial outcome that benefits you and your family.

Stand with us

We understand that there is a lot on your plate right now, but you have a limited amount of time to take action against the party responsible for your injuries. Don’t hesitate to obtain legal representation.
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