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Boca Raton Financial Securities and Negligence Attorney

Securities and negligence is a financial area of the law. It is concerned with legal issues that arise through interactions with financial consultants, stock brokers, and other financial professionals. Although we trust these professionals with our present and future wealth, sometimes funds are mishandled. If a financial professional commits fraud or negatively impacts your finances through “gross mismanagement,” you may be entitled to your lost monies.

Securities Fraud Lawyers in Boca Raton

Unfortunately for clients, engaging a financial professional requires almost unfathomable levels of trust. Investors expect that, in exchange for their trust, they will get the best possible financial advice. Because the professionals have so much more knowledge, however, many investors will not even realize that they have been duped.
The securities fraud lawyers at Glick Law Firm, PA know better. They can help to rectify the financial mess a problematic consultant caused.

Identifying problems

securities-negligenceAlthough mismanagement or fraud can be difficult to identify, the symptoms are easier to spot. If your investment portfolio has begun to experience sharp and drastic drops that are uncharacteristic of the market as a whole, you may be the victim of a financial consultant’s poor management. Getting swarmed with unusual financial forms is another sign.
If this happens, you need someone to explain what is going on. Naturally, any time you suspect him or her of wrongdoing, you don’t want to ask your financial consultant to clarify things. That’s why we’re here. Our sole objective is to discover what is causing your downswing and, if possible, recover your losses.

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If you want to stop the financial consultant who is stealing your money, you need an experienced financial lawyer on your side. We can put a halt to theft from your portfolio and prepare a claim to file against your consultant and his/her firm.
Do you suspect that you’ve been a victim of securities and negligence fraud? Don’t let another dime disappear without first calling the best financial lawyers in South Florida! Schedule a free consultation today by calling 866-TRIALAW or sending us a message on our website. We’ll fight to get back your money and protect your future.