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The Need of Experts in Medical Malpractice – Boca Raton

Victims of medical malpractice in Florida have more than just the challenge of overcoming injury inflicted by physician negligence. According to an article in Forbes

16689649_xl-300x300-300x300magazine, medical negligence stands as the third leading cause of death in the U.S. While the number of medical malpractice suits in our country tends to rise, it has become increasingly difficult to mount a lawsuit to help in a victim’s recovery in the Sunshine State. Obstacles such as a considerably shorter statute of limitations (most negligence cases are four years while generally, the statute for medical malpractice cases is 2 years), a complex “presuit” system, and a severe cap on non-economic damages seem to make it difficult for justice to truly be served.

Another difficult challenge for Florida medical malpractice lawyers and the victims they represent is the use of expert witnesses. In medical malpractice, an expert witness must be found who will sign an affidavit in order to even initiate a claim. This is a difficult and extremely expensive process. Legislation passed in 2013 redefines exactly who can be used as an expert witness in a malpractice case, further limiting the possibility of lawyers finding someone who will not only testify against those in their same profession, but who fits the limited criteria of specialty and other requirements. Something that was difficult to begin with becomes even more difficult.

This change and others simply point out the need to fight fire with fire. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, it is critical that you work with a highly experienced Boca Raton medical malpractice attorney to increase your chances of wading through the regulations and laws that confront Florida residents. While advocates of these regulations may paint them as a way of resolving conflict and reducing litigation, it becomes clear to anyone in the trenches that Florida’s doctors and hospitals are the ones being protected and not the ones who end up hurt.

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